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“Having support and belief behind my child aside from my husband and myself has made a huge difference in my child. The clear and consistent understanding, empathy and the care is encouraging in a way that doesn’t exist in very many  places in the world. I believe that if more systems and organizations operated with the same conviction and care for others the world would be a better place . What I hope for the future of the center is more tutors, funding, and the ability to serve more children.” -Parent

“We have seen major progress in my child’s reading, even her teachers have commented how well she is doing. They said she is more confident, her reading has improved so much this year.” – Parents (Sandy and Nicolas)

“My Child is more willing and less hesitant to attempt to read. She also needs less help when completing writing assignments as she is more confident in her spelling!” -Parent

“We’ve had all wonderful experiences at the center. My child Is reading out loud in class with confidence. She is volunteering more in school. She looks forward to going to her tutoring sessions.” – Parent

“My son has really made a lot of progress this year. I have spoke to his teachers and they have seen a huge difference in my son. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”-Parent (Crystal)

“Our child will be in a regular English’s class next year and that would not have been possible with out the Children’s Dyslexia Center” -Parent

“We have had the best tutors at this center between my son and daughter. I am super grateful for the opportunity to send both of my children here.” – Parent (Tisha)

“We were walking through an airport and my son said that things are so much easier now that he can read. We had his IEP Meeting and he is reading at grade level for the first time ever!” -Parent

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