Annual Parent Night

Children’s Dyslexia Center – Southern Illinois

Mandatory Parent Orientation Meeting

Fall Semester TBD

Every year, the Children’s Dyslexia Center – Southern Illinois hosts a mandatory parent meeting. At this meeting, the parents can meet the Board of Governors, find out more about the program as well as become educated more about Dyslexia. This year our tutors volunteered to demonstrate parts of our lesson plans.

Even though our program is free to any family who qualifies, there is a cost involved. The Scottish Rite membership with the guidance of the Board of Governors raise the money used to make this program work. It is estimated that $5,000 per child is spent over the course of a school year, so every year approximately $100,000 has to be raised.

Although the Children’s Dyslexia Center board takes the lead on all fundraising, the Center staff and families partner with the board to ensure the best possible outcome for our students.  We have even had several parents suggest, organize and work closely with the board on  fundraisers here at the Scottish Rite building and at their local school or at other community organizations.  Some examples of parent influenced fundraisers have included:  A kids triathlon, mouse races, craft/vendor fairs, quarter auctions and Dimes for Dyslexia.  You can find opportunities to help raise funds for the Center at “Support Our Program“.

We had a great turn out for our meeting this year, and we thank you all for coming. As a courtesy, we are posting a Summary Slides of the PowerPoint. You can use this information to share what you learned with family members or teachers who were unable to attend.

For more information, please make an appointment with our director, Michele M. Johnson.

Brian Coppotelli, Board of Governors Chairman

Michele M. Johnson, Director

Shamia Childs, Administrative Assistant

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