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Do you have concerns about attending college as a Dyslexic or a student with a Reading Disability? You do have resources available, and the Internet is just a starting place. Scholarships: We want to help empower students who have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and other impairments by providing some financial relief toward a college degree. To do that, we’re offering several Student Scholarships for students with different types of disabilities pursuing degrees. Our scholarships award $1,000 to help cover some of the costs of college. These scholarships include:

These scholarships all have an application deadline of May 1st, so we’re trying to get the word out to help as many students with physical and learning disabilities as possible to pursue their college dreams. Applications are free of charge!

Help for Your College Bound Student Starts in High School: High school students planning to attend higher education should have a transition plan in place early in high school that addresses academic and vocational goals as well as accommodations that can also be used in college.

Consider asking your school to fill in a Summary of Performance before your child graduates. The Summary of Performance, with the accompanying documentation, is important to assist the student in the transition from high school to higher education, training and/or employment.

College Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities: Consider the following statistic as reported by The Hechinger Report. Only 17% of college students with learning disabilities take advantage of assistive learning resources offered by their school. This shocked the team at, prompting them to publish a guide for this vulnerable population of students. Their hope is that it will help those with learning disabilities self-advocate and feel comfortable seeking the services they need and deserve. In their new College Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities, students and families will find:

  • An overview of the transition into college
  • A guide to college accommodations & assistive learning technology
  • Key strategies, resources, scholarships & more for students with learning disabilities

Go to for more information

Self Advocacy: Can having Dyslexia help you secure admission to college? You might be surprised. Become your own advocate! Investigate your options. These are just a few sites that may be helpful as you plan your college career.

Learning Ally: Each year, Learning Ally offers two endowed scholarships: The Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Awards (SAA) for college seniors and graduate students who are Learning Ally members and are blind or visually impaired, and The Mary Huber Learning Through Listening® (LTL) Awards for high school seniors who are Learning Ally members and are learning disabled. Our award winners are outstanding examples of and role models for the many students Learning Ally supports across the country. The top three winners from each program receive a $6,000 scholarship award and participate in a national celebration.

Rise Scholarship: The RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit resource and scholarship opportunity for high school students who learn differently. Created in 2010, RiSE has awarded over 90 scholarship awards to deserving students throughout the United States. The awarded high school seniors have much to share through their journey. 

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships: The Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships offer financial assistance to two graduating seniors with documented learning disabilities who are pursuing post-secondary education. The Anne Ford Scholarship was first awarded in 2002; in 2009, with a generous donation from Anne’s daughter, Allegra, the award was renamed the Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship and granted to two students as two separate scholarships.

Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarship: Dyslexic Advantage is thrilled to announce the Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarships for Students with Dyslexia. The scholarship is $2500 for college students with financial need. There is no minimum GPA or test requirements because the Scholarship seeks to reward strengths and talents of students that can’t be measured by tests.

Dyslexic Advantage | Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarships Dyslexia

Moss Society: In keeping with the goals of renowned artist P. Buckley Moss, who struggled with dyslexia during her school years, this scholarship represents her dedication to young people who have learning disabilities and are aspiring towards a career in the visual arts.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities including ADHD can be found at this site.

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