Participate in Our Fundraising Events!

If you have any ideas for fundraisers, please share them with us. For More Information about Fundraisers email us at

 Donor Program

Ways You can Help!

Attend or Volunteer to Work Fundraising Events ~ The only way our fundraisers can be successful is with your help. We can plan the best fundraisers but if we don’t have anyone show up, or if we don’t have enough people working the event. They will not be successful. And if you have a great idea for a fundraiser, please share it or consider coordinating it.

Donate Office Supplies ~ We update this lists as new needs arise.  This is our current Donation Needs List. In addition to office supplies, we collect items for silent auction items, door prizes, and water/soft drinks which we sell in our center as a fundraiser which is 100% profit.

Give the Gift of Reading ~ What do you give to someone who has everything? You can give the gift of reading by making a donation to the center. Fill out the Giving Brochure and we will do the rest.

Take a Chance ~ Sell and/or purchase chances. We hold drawings throughout the year. This usually occurs during an event and maybe as simple as a 50/50 drawing. Other times it will be a silent auction/raffle item that we have had donated to us.

Testimonials – We are requesting parents and students to give written, oral, and/or video testimonials. We would like you also to consider sharing your testimony at fundraising events and/or when Board Members present to businesses that may sponsor the center. If you are willing to share your experience at the center, please let us know.